Meet Our President

The MFA Commitment: We do more than just care for you. We care about you.

At MFA, we’re wholly focused on one overriding mission: caring for and caring about our patients. These principles hold through, whether the goal is to get patients back home and enjoying their lives, healthier and stronger than ever, or to have the best quality of life they possibly can.  These principles are at the center of everything we do as a company, and we are very proud of the patient-focused care we provide. For more than 40 years, we’ve not only been treating patients, but getting to know them, too. It’s a difference you’ll feel as soon as you walk through the door of a LifeWorks Rehab Center. We don’t just build recoveries, we build relationships.

You will feel the MFA difference in your own quality of life as you feel your health and strength improve every day. Just as a tree needs sunlight, water, and fertile soil to grow, MFA combines all of the right elements for your ideal recovery–clinical expertise, individualized therapy programs, and a nurturing staff with a passion for care. It’s the perfect environment to rebuild your health after a surgery or illness, and the heart of our unique formula for extraordinary recoveries.

Whether you’re planning a rehab stay for yourself or a family member or are a healthcare professional seeking rewarding career opportunities, we invite you to explore this site and learn more about the many things that make MFA and LifeWorks Rehab unique.

Kindest Regards,

William Fralin, President