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Hanover Floor Technician Named 2018 MFA Employee of the Year

MFA’s 2018 Employee of the Year Michael Paterson was honored during a special ceremony at Hanover Health & Rehabilitation Center on August 22, 2019. He stood in front of proud co-workers and family to shake hands with MFA President and CEO William Fralin, Chief Operating Officer Keith Helmer and other company leaders while receiving the company’s highest honor, the Horace G. Fralin Award. 

Michael has been a Floor Technician for more than 30 years, working for several businesses including Richmond International Airport before coming to Hanover in July of 2017. His experience shows in the work that he does and every day, he keeps a positive attitude. He stays late to strip and wax the floors and comes in early to train new co-workers. He has also been known to walk employees to their cars at night and during bad weather to make sure they are safe.

When Michael is in the building, there is not one person he won’t stop and greet. He takes the time to get to know residents, often surprising them with gifts or their favorite treat. He has formed a special bond with many of the male residents through talks about sports and their favorite teams. Michael has even attended funerals for residents that have touched his life in a special way. These personal, individual connections are a testimony to his caring personality.

Michael’s willingness to lend a helping hand is another outstanding quality that exemplifies the meaning of a true team player. He goes above and beyond to show care and concern, and believes in small, daily acts of simple human kindness. Most importantly, he makes every resident and patient feel loved. He does all of this while making sure Hanover has some of the best looking floors around. All of these reasons are why we are proud to have Michael as our 2018 Employee of the Year and as a member of the MFA family.

Michael Patterson standing next to a cake

Picture of food at the celebration