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Barbara Jones' Recovery Story

Barbara in our LifeWorks Rehab gym

LifeWorks Rehab helped her get back to her family and her work… and back behind the wheel.

My stay at Waverly Health & Rehabilitation Center came after I had a total hip replacement surgery. When I scheduled my surgery, I was lucky enough to have plenty of time to look at all of my recovery options, do plenty of research, and choose the right place for me. In the end, the best choice proved to be Waverly Health & Rehabilitation Center. I had family and friends who had been there, and I saw their outcomes firsthand. I was able to get a good picture of the entire LifeWorks Rehab program, and noticed how well taken care of everyone was. What I saw really touched my heart, and made my choice very easy.

My first therapy session started in the evening on the very same day I arrived. Everyone came around and introduced themselves, and in no time I knew everybody and felt just like a member of the family. They did a great job of communicating everything that was going on and answering any questions I had. The therapists were gentle and caring, but could also push you hard to achieve your goals. I set my mind early on to work as hard as I could, and they always kept me motivating and excited about my recovery. I was expecting to be at Waverly Health & Rehabilitation Center for 4-6 weeks, but was able to go back home in only two weeks thanks to LifeWorks Rehab therapy.

Now that I’m back home, my life is great. I drive a bus for our local high school 5 days a week and have absolutely no pain. Best of all, I’ve been able to get back to enjoying life with my family and grandchildren. My grandchildren have really noticed the difference. Now I get to run around and play with them and do all kinds of fun things, all without pain. It's so wonderful to be back to normal, and I couldn’t have gotten there without LifeWorks Rehab.

"The LifeWorks Rehab therapists were gentle and caring, but could also push you hard to achieve your goals. They knew exactly what you needed."

Barbara Jones