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LifeWorks Rehab vs. Home Health

LifeWorks Rehab vs. Home Health Care: Why Choose Us?

After a surgery or illness, one of the most important questions you may face will be deciding which recovery setting is best for your needs. Your primary goal is to return to a level of activity you are accustomed to, and the recovery setting you choose can have a direct effect on how quickly you are able to reach those goals. LifeWorks Rehab may help make that difference for you, and offers many distinct advantages over home healthcare programs.

Questions to consider

  • Will I be physically ready to resume my daily activities at home? Can I cook, clean, bathe myself?
  • Do I have the assistance I need at home? Do my family members have the time or capacity to aid in my care?
  • Will I be able to get enough therapy at home? Will home health visits be convenient with my schedule?
  • Will I be able to stay motivated and focus adequately on therapy at home?
  • Will I have access to adequate equipment?


LifeWorks Rehab
Number of days after being discharged from hospital that rehab begins 1 day 4-10 days
Average hours per week spent in supervised therapy sessions 10-12* 3
Average number of hours per day patient requires basic living assistance from family or friends 0 up to 24
Does therapy include state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment? Yes No
Will I have 24-hour support from licensed nursing personnel? Yes No
Does my care include 24-hour access to a physician on demand? Yes No
* Source: