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Patient in LifeWorks Rehab gym

What Is The LifeWorks Rehab Difference?

Why choose LifeWorks Rehab for your rehabilitation? There are as many reasons as there are patients that we've helped get back on their feet. LifeWorks Rehab is a uniquely well-rounded program rooted in compassionate, outcome-driven care at the forefront of technology... a total health care experience.

9 out of 10
customers rate us as excellent. Not good, not great, but excellent.
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Accelerated Recovery… More Time Living, Less Time Recovering

LifeWorks Stopwatch representing LifeWorks Rehab: Accelerated Recovery
More Therapy To Get You Home Quicker - Scientific fact, the more therapy you get, the faster you return home
7 Days A Week Therapy - Your recovery should not take the weekend off
The Recovery Map - Exclusive to the LifeWorks program, it's your guide to charting your progress
Recovery Plan Built For You - Rehabilitation is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor
Healing You Can Feel, Progress You Can See - You'll receive a customized, clinically based Personal Report Card
A Caring Touch - Unlike others, our therapy staff are specially trained LifeWorks therapists who provide continuity of care - we have our own in-house therapists

Sign language and oral interpreters, TTYs, and other auxiliary aids and services are available free of charge to
people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

For assistance, please contact any Facility personnel or the Discharge Planner.

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What To Expect From Your Recovery

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Every patient, and every recovery story, is unique. Our team has developed tools that help patients feel more prepared and comfortable throughout the process. Here are some resources to explore.

Patient Perspectives

Robert with his therapist.

Robert Shields

“The LifeWorks Rehab therapy was always right on time like clockwork, seven days a week. I feel like the consistency and the amount of therapy I received were critical to the success of my recovery.”

Former LifeWorks Rehab patient

Phyllis Hartman

"My LifeWorks Rehab therapists treated me with respect, patience, and caring. They treated me like a person, not just a number."

Patient in LifeWorks Rehab Gym

Hugh Grant

"Work was what I really wanted to get back to - I missed my job and doing the work I loved. LifeWorks Rehab helped me get back to my career in less than two months after returning home.”