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Michael Patterson receives the Horace G. Fralin Award to the tune of a cheering crowd.

Tiffany Carter Ellis received the Horace G. Fralin Award during a special ceremony.

Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center was named by the Star-Tribune Magazine as Reader's Choice for "Best Physical Therapy."

McKnight's Long-Term Care News, a magazine for owners and operators of senior living and senior care facilities, featured Albemarle in a recent article about how the design of the Center plays into a patient's recovery.

Henrico Health & Rehabilitation Center and Springtree Health & Rehabilitation Center have been ranked as two of the Top Performing nursing homes in the country by U.S. News & World Report. 

Lake Manassas Health & Rehabilitation Center opens its doors to the Gainesville community and beyond. Hundreds of people attending the Grand Opening Celebration on October 19, 2017 were treated to a tour of the $22 million facility that will bring a new standard of post-acute care to the area.


When Langdon Plaster came to our Center after a serious fall, this former Scout was having a hard time being indoors. With a little creativity, our Occupational Therapy team motivated him to a recovery he could not imagine. 

How many times have you heard “he/she is a nurse” which is then quickly followed by someone showing you a body part, rash, bruise, etc… and asking “what do you think”? 

Loss of brain function is believed to be a natural consequence of aging. However, it has been shown that B-complex vitamins are helpful and healthy for the human brain.

The rate of falls at home is alarmingly high. One in three people over the age of 65 fall each year. Of these falls, one in five result in serious injury. The most resinous injuries occur as a result of a fall in the bathroom.