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Michael Patterson receives the Horace G. Fralin Award to the tune of a cheering crowd.

Tiffany Carter Ellis received the Horace G. Fralin Award during a special ceremony.

Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center was named by the Star-Tribune Magazine as Reader's Choice for "Best Physical Therapy."

McKnight's Long-Term Care News, a magazine for owners and operators of senior living and senior care facilities, featured Albemarle in a recent article about how the design of the Center plays into a patient's recovery.

Henrico Health & Rehabilitation Center and Springtree Health & Rehabilitation Center have been ranked as two of the Top Performing nursing homes in the country by U.S. News & World Report. 

Lake Manassas Health & Rehabilitation Center opens its doors to the Gainesville community and beyond. Hundreds of people attending the Grand Opening Celebration on October 19, 2017 were treated to a tour of the $22 million facility that will bring a new standard of post-acute care to the area.


When Langdon Plaster came to our Center after a serious fall, this former Scout was having a hard time being indoors. With a little creativity, our Occupational Therapy team motivated him to a recovery he could not imagine. 

How many times have you heard “he/she is a nurse” which is then quickly followed by someone showing you a body part, rash, bruise, etc… and asking “what do you think”? 

Loss of brain function is believed to be a natural consequence of aging. However, it has been shown that B-complex vitamins are helpful and healthy for the human brain.